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Hadco International, LLC has earned the reputation for quality work around the world providing specialized oilfield appraisals since 1982. The need for a company dedicated specifically to the profession of appraising oilfield rigs and equipment has caused Hadco to become internationally known in the oilfield.

Hadco International, LLC is highly recognized and sought after for expert testimony, certified standards and proven experience.

Hadco is a full-time professional appraisal and consulting firm providing clients with a wide range of appraisal and consulting services. Our professionally certified general appraisers offer unbiased valuations of complex properties ranging from rigs, oilfield related equipment and refineries to complete companies using exclusive historical data and an extensive network of industry professionals. We accept only those assignments we are fully qualified to perform. The majority of our business is the result of our being recommended by our clients. Recommendations as a result of past performance and credibility is the ultimate compliment to our appraisers and the company.

Every client receives our undivided attention, personal service and our commitment to premier standards. Call us for a confidential discussion of your appraisal and consulting needs. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can be of service to you.