Hadco Standards

Every appraisal completed by Hadco is certified by a specialized, experienced appraiser. Each appraiser is certified in one or more appraisal disciplines by a recognized professional society or organization with strict requirements. Each appraisal is reviewed by an equally qualified appraiser to insure that it meets the highest professional standards expected by clients of Hadco International, LLC.

Each Hadco Certified Oilfield Appraiser provides:


Each Hadco appraisal is completed by appraisers with many years of experience. The extensive experience of our personnel is evidenced in their work.


Each Hadco appraiser has demonstrated excellence in appraisals. Hadco senior appraisers hold one or more recognized appraiser designations from professional societies.


Each Hadco appraiser has completed strict educational requirements and an extensive internal training program under the guidance of a senior certified appraiser.


Each Hadco appraiser has attained the status as an expert in a field of appraisal specialty. Skill, competence, ability and experience are essential for certified appraisals.


Each Hadco appraisal is completed in the most effective, efficient and economical method within the Hadco guidelines. Clients are assured of economy without sacrificing quality.

What is a Certified Oil Appraiser?
When Selecting a Certified Oil Appraiser