Hadco’s Distinguishing Marks

The Hadco name is a distinguished mark of excellence in the oil industry and

is known for the following:

Dedicated to Excellence / Dedicated to Our Profession

Hadco International, LLC is dedicated to excellence, and it is reflected in each Hadco appraisal. Our reputation for completely fair, accurate professional appraisals has been earned by years of concentration and commitment to our industry.

We as equally dedicated to our profession. Appraisals are our only business. You deserve the best possible appraisal services. When it comes to oilfield rigs, equipment or a complete business appraisal, you should insist on Hadco certified appraisals.

Commitment to Client Confidentiality and Privacy

Information is the cornerstone of Hadco’s appraisal and consulting business. Keeping our client’s data and information totally confidential, secure and using it only as our clients intended for it to be used is a top priority in our appraisal and consulting practice. Confidential business relationships are essential ingredients to the appraisal and consulting profession. Our client/appraiser and client/consultant relationships are based on confidential reliability.

We will conduct our business professionally and ethically to respect the rights of client privacy and confidentiality. We will continuously assess our practices to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of our many clients is respected.   We are committed to our individual clients as well as to our profession.

Exclusive Historical Data & Extensive Network

Among the major accomplishments of Hadco International, LLC has been the development of a data base on machinery and equipment. Data has been collected from numerous sources for several years. The information collected includes a full range of all types of equipment. The data base is continually updated as additional information becomes available. Hadco has developed an extensive network of knowledgeable, respected professionals across the country who provide data on prices as well as other information necessary to continually update the Hadco data files.

Hadco has also built exclusive relationships with state appraisers for market and industry trends and is associated with other major appraisal and consulting firms throughout the world.  The association with other firms allows for exchange of appraisal data and information concerning sales and values.  In some cases, Hadco works with other firms on very large appraisals or when there is an extreme time constraint.  The experience and expertise of Hadco are utilized by consultants and appraisal firms with assignments where specialized services are required.

Concentrated Commitment & Dedication / Complete Objectivity

Hadco International, LLC is one of the premier companies providing specialized oilfield appraisals for its clients. The need for a company dedicated specifically to the profession of appraising oilfield rigs and equipment has caused Hadco to become internationally known in the oilfield.

Hadco is not in the business of buying, selling or brokering equipment and is not affiliated with any auction company, financial institution, legal firm or insurance company, although Hadco performs appraisals for them on a regular basis. By limiting business segments, Hadco maintains a totally objective and impartial relationship with clients without the influence of other motives which could result in a conflict of interest.

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