Reasons for Appraisals

In addition to needing a traditional “market value appraisal” when buying or selling, there are also other significant reasons for needing an appraisal. In addition to properly valuing assets to assess a company’s worth, it is also sometimes necessary to determine the insurable value of an asset purchase, to value an asset due to a loss claim, as well as determining a value for taxing purposes. Hadco has inspected and appraised oilfield assets for 40 years and we are prepared to conduct on-site inspections of your assets both domestically and globally, and often in remote locations. A professional appraisal provides you, the client with a wealth of information for a variety of business matters, and many of which are listed below:

  • Asset Tracking

  • Contemplated Sale

  • Litigation Support

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Insurable Value/Loss

  • Allocation of Assets

  • Contemplated Purchase

  • Liquidations of Assets

  • Determining Stock Value

  • Bankruptcy/Reorganization

  • Business Planning/Strategy

  • Trade/Bartering Agreements

  • Condemnation Proceedings

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • State & Federal Taxes

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Brokerage Agreements

  • Property Settlements

  • Documenting Assets

  • Estate Valuations

  • Loans & Financing

Appraisal:  An opinion of value, documented in writing by a qualified professional. The process of estimating the cost or value of assets or investments.