Hadco’s Scope & Promise

Hadco appraisers have provided professional quality appraisals to our clients for many years.  As a result of our past work, we have become highly recognized throughout the world.  Hadco has completed appraisals of all types of drilling and well service rigs, oil and gas production equipment, specialized oilfield instrumentation, refining equipment, pipelines, compression facilities, gas storage caverns, and other oilfield equipment in the domestic and international markets, both on land and offshore. The size, location, complexity or reasons for appraisals and consulting assignments have continually changed over the years.

Each and every client receives our undivided attention, no matter how small or how large the client may be or how large or small the project happens to be. We talk with our clients directly and work with them in solving problems. The personal service clients receive is a major factor in our success.

Factors that set us apart from other appraisal and consulting companies:

  • Experienced State Certified General Appraisers

  • Top quality work at reasonable prices

  • Higher standards of excellence, integrity and confidentiality

  • State and professional certifications from recognized and accredited societies

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