What is a Certified Oilfield Appraiser?

The Certified Oilfield Appraiser is a highly trained professional who specializes in the

practice of oilfield appraisals. Appraisal of oilfield rigs and equipment is a relatively

old profession that has emerged as an important force in oilfield finance and litigation.

Specialists in appraisal analysis have been in demand for many years, but only in recent times have their services been seen as a necessity by many Federal and State regulators, financial institutions, trial attorneys and others.

Specifically trained in all commonly accepted appraisal procedures and federal regulatory requirements, the certified appraiser provides lenders, examiners and litigants with formal, disciplined analysis and accurate appraisals so that they may make appropriate, informed decisions.

The Certified Oilfield Appraiser is a trained specialist who has the education, experience, qualifications and expertise to determine accurately and promptly the quality and value of oilfield rigs and oilfield related equipment.

By providing independent professional opinions of asset quality and value, the Certified Oilfield Appraiser provides a valuable and necessary service to any client where value is an important issue.

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