Hadco Appraisals

The appraisals by Hadco are unique and combine time honored and proven techniques of appraisal with up to date techniques of analysis, a database of comparative data, a network of knowledgeable associates, and personal experience to provide clients with accurate professional appraisals.

Hadco subscribes to the code of ethics of professional appraisers and governs itself according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as set forth by The Appraisal Foundation.

Hadco has built the company business through years of concentrating on quality and excellence in the appraisal profession.  Hadco enjoys a reputation for completely fair and accurate work and relies on referrals or repeat orders as a major source of business.

We Appraise

Land Drilling Rigs, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Land Well Service Rigs, Offshore Workover Rigs, Land Production Equipment, Offshore Production Equipment, Pipelines & Gathering Systems, All Oilfield Related Equipment

For Value

Fair Market Value, Fair Market Value in Place, Fair Market Value in Use, Investment Value, Insurable Value, Reproduction Cost, Replacement Value, Going Concern Value, Liquidation Value – Orderly, Liquidation Value – Forced, Liquidation Value – In Place, Auction Value

Reasons for Appraisals
Value Concepts
Appraisal Process